FRI, 07/13/18 6:00 AM

Dad, we’ll cover a few ideas you might try if your teen refuses to talk.

SAT, 07/14/18 6:05 AM

Step out of your role as boss dad for just a while. Find neutral ground. (The home is not neutral ground. That’s where your traditional roles are magnified the most.)

SUN, 07/15/18 6:45 AM

What does your son or daughter like to do? Get a couple of tickets to a sporting event or movie. Let the event be the common ground for conversation. No family issues allowed.

MON 07/16/18 6:25 AM

If your son or daughter has a hobby, shop together for items that support that hobby. Keep the talk focused on the hobby.

TUE, 07/17/18 6:15 AM

What would your teen like to do that she or he has never done before? If you’re able to accommodate the desire, then do it. (If it’s skydiving, you can scream together. Just make sure you’re not screaming about family issues.)

WED, 07/18/18 6:10 AM

Is there a popular book just published that your teen has mentioned? If so, buy two copies and talk about characters and incidents along the way.

THU, 07/19/18 6:05 AM

If nothing seems to work, dad, just wait. We recall a lovely sentiment: “Love comes as birth does, knowing its own time.” Step back and allow that process to unfold.

FRI, 07/20/18 5:50 AM

We have been thinking about social media, mobile access, and security lately. We’d like to share a few thoughts about that next week.

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