Speaking Engagements

Tom and Bill are available for speaking engagements for conferences, men’s groups, parent groups and organizations. They are ideally suited for church conferences or workshops as keynoters or workshop session leaders.

They speak about fatherhood to groups of men in churches or community organizations. They also conduct workshops for women about making a better connection between fathers and children, and to teens about reaching beyond their upbringing. Being a good father benefits all of us!

Learning how-to, with humor, compassion and practical, down-to-earth guidance will make fathers feel they are not alone and will take families, churches, neighborhoods and workplaces two giant steps forward.

Workshop sessions are designed to make participants feel comfortable sharing thoughts and connecting with others. Content is practical and there are no “dumb thoughts” or “silly questions”. The focus is on helping dads manage the parent-child relationship.

Often, dads remain tight-lipped when it comes to their frustrations and feelings of inadequacy about being good fathers. Typically dads don’t have social outlets where they can share honest thoughts and sensitive feelings about parenting. They just keep things bottled up inside. Tom and Bill’s programs help dads discover that they are not alone and provide opportunities to be more involved and become more effective dads.

Words cannot express the effect that Tom and Bill’s presentation to our students and staff in a very positive, uplifting way meant to us. They opened our minds not to look back and to always surge forward and be grateful for all our opportunities and take advantage of what we’re offered.
—Admissions Director

“I hope that Tom and Bill will become regular speakers for our organization. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”—Administrator

Current topics:

• Be That Guy
Children, young or older, need structure. Dads need to be consistent and reliable, whether they are single dads or have a mom in the household.

• Parenthood Practice Not Perfection
Practice. Preparation. Hard work—These are the steps that lead to a good performance. Parenting is a process, not a state of perfection. So is learning to be an adult. So Dad, be fair to yourself. Those years when you are driven to the brink of madness, take it easy, back off and realize it’s all practice…not perfection.

• You Can Count on You
Children need to rely on themselves. That’s part of becoming an adult. We can help them by giving them reasonable levels of responsibility and showing ourselves to be good models of self-reliance.

• No One Celebrates Mediocrity
Mediocre. It’s not a label you want your kids to wear. Mediocre quality and service…and behavior…exist only when we expect nothing better—when we don’t demand excellence. Quality stands out in the choices your children make, the effort they put forth and the ultimate outcome. If your teen settles for mediocrity—just does enough to slide by—it will stick like glue. It might even become a lifelong habit.

• Rev Up Your Personal PR Program
Each one of us has a personal public relations program. Every time we walk out of our house, our public relations program kicks into gear. Perception is indeed reality. Yes, it does matter how your kids dress and how they act. Teenagers and parents need to know that from the moment they rise and shine and head off to life, they are creating perceptions of who and what they are.

• The Power of Positive
How often are we impacted by a negative interaction, a critical opinion, or a rude encounter? And how frequently do we let this darkness overcome the light in our lives by carrying home our disappointment, frustration or anger? We can feel beat down by a negative encounter. But we think niceness can win. It’s power The Power of Nice can have a transformative effect on you and your family.

• Branching Our From Your Family Tree
No matter what has happened in your life, who your parents or siblings are, how they turned out, or what expectations they have for you, you have your own destiny. Regardless of your family tree, you can chart your own course. You can begin at any time. Your past is not your future.

• Feeling Invisible, Inadequate, Inept? Move it to Inspired!
Ever been a ghost at the dinner table? A lump in the mashed potatoes of fatherhood? Take heart. You’re not alone. You can move forward from this period of invisibility, inadequacy and ineptness. It has nothing to do with not being loved–It has everything to do with not being allowed access for a time to some very private territory. It is a natural evolution of the father-teen relationship, which we describe as “intensional” the built-in tension between parent and child. Your teen wants you there and wants you anywhere but there. Exactly the two places you want to be.

Tom and Bill can also tailor a topic to your specific audience. Contact them at tomandbill@dads2dadsllc.com.

Tom and Bill came to speak to our students and it just seemed to be what we were looking for at our school. The students were inspired and the faculty were impressed. It was a good day.
—School Administrator

On Wednesday, our students were treated with a very uplifting and encouraging presentation to aim high, be prepared, persevere and to have their personal program to market themselves in their personal lives and careers. Thank you for your time. You have inspired us and made us laugh, too.
—Admissions Counselor