Tom and Bill are at it again! This time, a book of interviews with African American fathers. Troubled by the recent strife in race relations, the perception of black fathers as bad parents, and the challenges faced by many black youth, Tom and Bill launched a project to discuss the issues and identify dads who are doing it right, despite the difficulties they have faced in their own lives. They are now seeking suggestions for additional interview subjects, and a partner to write a forward for the book. Write to them @


Spread the word! Help Tom and Bill extend their reach by calling your paper and requesting that they carry the Dads2Dads column. It provides practical perspectives on the challenging and important responsibility of being a dad.


In March, Tom and Bill brought their message of hope for fathers to the Everything for Dads convention in Sarasota, Florida. The one day event was a celebration of fatherhood, an opportunity to hang out with dads to learn more about what unites us — being the best fathers we can be.


More recently, Tom and Bill conducted a workshop at the Calling All Men conference in Athens, Tennessee. They are now working to bring their message to a broader audience through a national approach.


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