Tom and Bill publish a weekly newspaper column in more than 40 newspapers throughout the southeastern United States. Titled Dads2Dads, they write about life as a fathers raising kids, covering such topics as:

  • Making the connection
  • Loving your child when it’s hard
  • Reaching above mediocrity
  • Letting off steam
  • Being there for your kid
  • Understanding the unintelligible
  • Feeling like a ghost
  • Letting go, gradually
  • Being the best “you”


I am a regular reader of Dads2Dads, and I often learn something new or see something in a whole new light. Cathy T., Academic Admissions Officer

I have drawn inspiration from Dads2Dads on many occasions through the years as I sometimes struggled to balance life as a college professor with that of a full-time single dad to two daughters. Warner C., single father