Tom and Bill began their friendship as university administrators who started sharing perspectives on raising children (Tom’s two daughters, Bill’s two sons).

Very quickly, they discovered they were not alone in sometimes feeling challenged, confused and often clueless.

Having searched the shelves of the local library and bookstores, they found little to help, and worse, there really wasn’t anyone else to talk to about the challenges of being a dad.

So, already authors in their own right, they began writing together about fatherhood and soon became syndicated columnists.

Their new book, Dads2Dads : Tools for Raising Teenagers, provides practical, humorous, and touching commentary from two dads who have survived the hope, heartache and happenings of raising kids.

Now that they’ve survived the challenge of raising responsible sons and daughters, they’re able to take an objective look back at those days when their homes were hotels… and they were the absentee landlords!

— — —

It’s our pleasure and privilege to share with other struggling dads practical perspectives on the frustrations and wonderful blessings of raising children.

More than that, we really enjoy providing a forum for dads to connect to one another. We’re always learning, and we’re frequently laughing as we do it.
—Tom Tozer and Bill Black