Schmooze Your Family

All of us enjoy giving advice. Get involved in your community. Join this organization. Apply for membership in that club. Get to know people in high places. Be seen. Press the flesh — at a distance! Interact — safely! Give back. Make a difference. Make something of yourself.

It’s all good advice. All of us, no matter what station in life, can benefit from such counsel. It’s important to increase our circle of friends, expand our network and add to our address book. 

But what we don’t hear often enough from bosses, life coaches, and even parents is that all of us need to renew and increase our involvement with our families.

Thanks for the dough

Hey, graduate, it’s time to recognize those people who helped you make it through. Take some time to get to know them again and appreciate the sacrifices they have made for you. Thank them for being involved in all those school activities in the past and participating in those fund-raising events. Acknowledge their purchase of cookie dough, fruit, restaurant discount cards, magazines, yearbooks, band and sports uniforms, prom dresses, that first car, tuition, your cap and gown.

Sure you have to think of the future and make plans and those plans may take you away from home. But don’t rush. Weigh the value of your support. Look at old photos. Relive some memories. Be grateful that the old folks have watched over you. Tell them how much you love them and how much you appreciate their love. Schmooze ‘em!

Push back against the pull

There is a natural progression of life that seems to pull us away from our roots and our family. We go to school, leave school, search for a job and often leave home. That journey also is often interrupted and accentuated by such things as falling in love, marriage and having children. Again, it’s all good and wonderful. But in so many cases, once we get pulled away, we stay away. We get so busy that we fail to keep in touch, don’t visit, forget to call and only occasionally send a card.

The family glue is you

Our advice as you become busier is to remain an integral part of your family. Get in touch with your folks regularly. Email them, send a text, and post something on their FB wall (if they’re techno-savvy). Stay connected.

Today, with the challenges of the pandemic and the demands of life, we can often downplay the importance of family.  Events like dinner around the table, family devotions, picnics and vacations, game night, even just family night at home, seem archaic. We need to reshuffle our priorities and make the VIPs in our family #1—whether we’re near or far away, safely in person or virtual.

By dads2dads