Restoring The Personal Approach

Good grief, it’s time to be nice. We know, we risk being accused of being soft, of being marshmallows, pansies. We might even be accused of eating quiche! But we have to say it because we believe it. It is time for a return to civility in our culture. It’s time to go back to practicing politeness, good manners, kindness, even—dare we say it—gentleness. And for goodness sake, it’s time we parents pass that on our teenagers, if it’s not too late.

In your face from afar

We live in an in-your-face world and we operate in isolation. Social media has allowed us to be bold and brazen with our fingertips—to be mouthy or tell someone off in absentia. To share our opinion – any opinion – at will. We confront people from our sofas. We have forgotten how to converse & to listen. Don’t have to. We’re uncomfortable having to face anyone and speak honestly. It’s all done by remote. Every man and woman is an island. We stand alone with our e-devices, and we fool ourselves into thinking that we are socially more engaged than ever before.

We’re not. We’re consumed by gizmos. We’ve been chewed and swallowed. And we’re socially disengaged.

In your face close-up

Our teens are engaged through keypad and touchscreen. They have become so adept at it that they don’t see any real reason for forming words with their lips. But when they must form words, they are more in-your-face, more abrupt and abrasive, than ever before. When confronted with a public appearance, they interact as if they’re still on the sofa at home. Bang! Bop! Wham! (Reminds us of the old Batman TV show.) Fast. Efficient. To the point.

Our e-devices have permitted us to communicate by syllables, acronyms and two-letter words. Let’s not forget the heart-warming …  🙂   All we can say is — Rly? Yks! Hlp!

The day the earth stood still

Invite your teenager to hold a moratorium on e-device use for just one day. You, too. Let’s just try it and see if it’s a day the earth stood still … if the body snatchers emerge from their cocoons and take over. We can hear Rod Serling already: You’re standing among a civilization that is frozen in time. They’ve put down their e-toys and suddenly found themselves devoid of words and thoughts. Their minds are indelibly etched on miniature screens that lie on desks, reside in pockets or are suspended from waists. What was once a thriving society, with chatter around the office water cooler and over the backyard fence, has devolved into scrawls and scrolls on glass plates. This once conversant civilization no longer talks or turns the pages of books or newspapers. Their gods reside in cyberspace. They have erected e-idols and now stand idle … in a distant app called The Twilight Zone.

Yes, we know. Silly. Crazy. Outrageous. But maybe we can restore a bit of personal conversation  & kindness. Until then, chk u l8tr. BFN.


By dads2dads