The New Dad

According to the Sloan Work and Family Research Network at Boston College, the landscape of work, family, and caregiving has changed over the past several decades.  Moms spend more time at work and the detached dad who has little connection with his family is a thing of the past.

According to the Network, over the last forty years housework & child care time among fathers increased six hours per week. Over the last ten years, the number of days that dads missed from work for family responsibilities went from .8 days to 6.3 days. When asked why they used paternity leave afforded them, 97 percent of the fathers said it was because their family was a priority and they wanted to stay home with their child.

We know the role of the dad in today’s society has changed. On average, we are different from our own dads and certainly our grandfathers. For us, it started with birth. When our dads had children, they took their wives to the hospital, settled into the waiting room, and some hours later received word of the birth where they went down the hall to see their new baby through the big glass window. With our children we were in the delivery room, we changed the diapers at home, we burped and cuddled and were involved in decisions about child care. Today dads strive for more balance in their lives between work and home. We focus on our families. We’re concerned about what goes on with our kids and we try to think of solutions to some of the problems they encounter.

It Takes Two

We’ve heard from many fathers who feel a bit lost, are searching for an answer, or just want to talk to somebody. We know they’re involved, they just don’t have a lot of guidance or support. It often takes more than an individual dad’s resources to raise a child. Dads parenting alone have a difficult time. Dads who are married have the tremendous advantage of a partner who can lend so much to the challenge of child rearing. But often you need a male perspective and the chance to talk over some issues with another dad.

Teach Your Children Well

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By dads2dads