A New Year : A New You

A new year brings with it the opportunity to remake ourselves. None of us is perfect and we could all use a little adjustment now and then. The new year is a good time to reflect on those areas of our lives that need improvement.

The Resolution Game

Every year about 100 million people make new year’s resolutions. According to the website USA.gov, some of the most popular are:

~ Lose weight

~ Get fit

~ Quit smoking or drinking (or both)

~ Manage stress and debt

~ Get a better education

~ Get organized

Some of these resolutions stick, most don’t. We run out of personal resources – energy, dedication – or we run into complications – temptation, distractions, loss of willpower. The fact is most of us don’t keep the resolutions we make.

Resolution Success

It’s really a uniquely human trait – this interest in improving our station in life – and the ability to do it. Unfortunately most of us don’t succeed. Why?

Three reasons:            Resolutions aren’t specific or definite enough.

Goals are harder to achieve than we anticipated

Results take too long

In order to achieve success for a resolution you’ve made, you need to have confidence that you can change and you need to possess the continuing commitment to carry it out. You need to believe that you can make the change required and you’ve got to have persistence to overcome setbacks and disappointments. Belief and follow-through are the key components of successful improvement.

Ratchet Up Your Dad Skills

Your role in your teen’s life is very important to his or her successful development. Melanie Mallers, a professor of psychology at California State University, Fullerton, has shown that fathers play a long-lasting role in the emotional lives of their children. Findings she presented at an American Psychological Association meeting showed that men who experienced a good relationship with their fathers were particularly adept at coping with the daily stresses of life.

No matter how good a dad we are, we can always be better. This new year, decide to improve your dad skills.

Attend your son’s sporting event

See your daughter’s musical performance

Take a day off and spend it with your teen

Read an interesting book or article together

Cook dinner together

Step back from an argument with your teen

Banish sarcasm from a conversation

We can be better fathers. This new year is a good time to make good on that possibility. It will improve relations with your teen and it will make you feel better as well.

Let us know how you do. Write to us – tomandbill@dads2dadsllc.com.


By dads2dads