Sometimes it’s rough on families. That’s especially true when dads are no longer the breadwinners in their families because they’ve lost their jobs. You can feel lost and less important when you think you’re not providing the support your family needs. After all that’s what a father is supposed to do, right?

Little things can affect you in disproportionate ways. Something that wouldn’t ordinarily bother you now makes you feel irritable, hurt, or defensive.

Dealing With Job Loss

Bill will never forget when he lost his job many years ago. He felt like he’d faded into the landscape. He wondered if he’d ever get another job in his field. He seemed, somehow, less important, a bit resentful, and somewhat depressed.

Tom recalls vividly that period when he went out of the workforce to stay at home with his daughters and write (when he could). He was separated from the workplace and distant from professional colleagues, a bit isolated.

Even though Bill’s decision was thrust upon him and Tom’s was of his own making, both had similar feelings of being separated from the professional work world, struggling to bring in some income, and trying to maintain a belief in their own capabilities.

If you are out of work, this is an important time to realize the impact your attitude and actions have on your family. Teens are very observant, even if it doesn’t often seem so. And they learn by example. How we react to difficult times, the reserve we call upon to get us through, and the steps we take to move forward will not only help us but will make an important impression on our teen.

Taking The Right Steps

Losing a job often produces a loss of esteem that can be difficult for the entire family. Taking positive steps to re-engage with the work world will help. Try beginning an activity that takes you away from thoughts of yourself for a while. Whether this involves an exercise program, a sports activity, or a hobby, anything that gives you a bit of perspective and connects you with some other part of the world is helpful. You will need to pay a bit more attention to yourself during this time.

And don’t forget to spend time with your son or daughter. They still need you as much as ever even though they may not admit it. As they see you struggling, they can be reassured by your presence and what you do for them and with them.

By dads2dads