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Practical perspectives on parenting for dads

Writers of a syndicated column on fatherhood, presenters of workshops on the challenges of raising children, bloggers, and authors of two books on fatherhood, Tom and Bill survived the parenting journey and can help you do the same.

With a heartfelt, helpful, and sometimes humorous perspective on being a dad, Tom and Bill provide a safe environment where men can communicate with each other about the joys and heartaches of parenting.

Dads2Dads: Tools For Raising Teenagers

Especially for dads of teens and dads of kids who are teens-to-be


● Easy-to-read and understandable language

● No complicated charts, statistics or BIG WORDS

● Describes common hurdles and brick walls of fatherhood

● Offers common-sense advice and helpful how-to’s

● Written with empathy and without a know-it-all attitude

● Stresses morals, values and a whole lot of love

Tools for Raising Teenagers provides practical perspectives from two regular dads who have survived the challenges of raising teens.

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Grit and Grace: Black Dads Tell Their Stories

Based on a project initiated by Bill and Tom’s deep concern about racial strife, incorrect perspectives of the black father, and the challenges faced by African American dads, this book brings the stories of 23 fathers to light.

“This project was quite a learning experience for us. We were honored to be entrusted with the stories of these men and hope they serve as a guidepost and inspiration to those who chance to read them.”                       – Bill and Tom

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I have drawn inspiration from Dads2Dads on many occasions through the years as I sometimes struggled to balance life as a college professor with that of a full-time single dad to two daughters. I could always find something in Bill and Tom’s words to encourage me to stay positive about parenting, and to believe that everything will turn out to be OK. And it has!” — Warner C., single father

Image of Tom and Bill conducting workshop     The authors.

These two fathers have been through the ups, downs, and sideways directions of being fathers. They’ve taken that experience and turned it into an opportunity to give other dads a place where they can connect and make being a dad just a bit easier.

It all started with a few conversations over lunch about how they felt frustrated or unappreciated by those they love the most. As they talked about those feelings they wondered if other fathers felt the same way. Turns out they do. Lots of them.

So, after working with other dads, conducting focus groups, giving talks and living through the challenges of fatherhood, they’re out of the café and on to the web – real talk from real dads!

Tom and Bill provide practical information for dads on becoming more involved fathers, for moms on helping to connect their husbands to their kids, and for teens on reaching to higher levels.

Contact them at tomandbill@dads2dadsllc.com and start a dialogue.