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It provides practical perspectives from two regular dads who have survived the challenges of raising teens. We invite you to check it out here.

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We are two fathers who have been through the ups, downs, and sideways directions of being fathers. We’ve taken that experience and turned it into an opportunity to give other dads a place where they can connect and where we can make being a dad just a bit easier.

We started with a few conversations over lunch about how we felt frustrated or unappreciated by those we love the most. And as we talked about those feelings we wondered if other fathers felt the same way. Turns out they do. Lots of them.

So, after working with other dads, conducting focus groups, giving talks and living through the challenges of fatherhood, we’re out of the café and on to the web–real talk from real dads!

We provide practical workshops for dads on becoming more involved fathers, for moms on helping to connect their husbands to their kids, and for teens on reaching to higher levels.

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